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Functional training in Montreal

Basic Functional Training/ Rehabilitation

The program is designed for beginners or athletes who are injured and in the rehabilitation process. (Shoulders, hips or lower back problems, etc...).
There is no risk of injury or impact exercises that will affect any joints, as it is specifically designed to develop good neuro-muscular patterns and a structural base to safely progress to more complex movements at higher intensity.

Intermediate Functional Training

The program is made for athletes who are currently involved in other sports or individuals who are well balanced and already have a solid training base.

The goal is to further develop a well-rounded athletic base, essential to all sports without any or the Olympic lifts or advanced crossfit movements.

Montreal Crossfit training

Crossfit training for athletes

This program is ideal for those who are looking to start competing in CrossFit competitions
or who would just like do participate in the sport in general.

It includes all the essential CrossFit training movements which is programmed in cycles for performance related goals which Pro1 takes part in.

Elite CrossFit Training & workout plans

The workout programs will be prescribed for performance in accordance with the CrossFit community events (Opens, Regionals and Crossfit Games).
1-5 trainings per day, 4 to 7 days per week, under the supervision of experienced coaches who have competed on an international level. The volume and intensity is very high and requires individuals interested in this program to have a lot of time to train. Pro1 has a Montreal Crossfit community of dedicated coaches and athletes to help you reach your goal.

Montreal Olympic lifting Class

Olympic lifting class

The course is offered for those who would like to learn the Olympic lifts or improve their techniques. This is also extremely beneficial for athletes of other sports who want to further develop their strength and power.
Pro1 is also an affiliated club in the weightlifting federation, for those athletes looking to compete in that sport specifically. All of our coaches adapt to every clients needs, from beginner to elite.