WHY Pro1 CONCEPT IS SO UNIQUE ?A complete training that will help you push your limits and raise yourself to the next level.


From the beginning, every client’s progression is tracked carefully . As time passes by, looking at your data become a tangible and indisputable source of motivation. We’ll also properly assess your physical capabilities and recommend you which option you should start with for optimal progress.


Every training session is very well structured. Coached and carried out with the highest level of safety, motivation and pleasure. By following our training, individuals safely reach their own goals at their own pace in a very motivating environment.


It will prepare you to take on any tasks, workload or challenges. It will make you brave and tough, while improving your self esteem.


We will help you find the perfect program for you : Check our training programs

MEET OUR TRAINERSGet a professional training that fit your needs.

Roch Proteau

A teacher since 1996, Roch has always had a profound desire to help people reach their goals. His optimistic outlook on life combined with a passion for exploring the potential of the human body are at the core of his drive to support individuals with training that optimizes their well being.

Andrew Maloney

Active in CrossFit since 2008 and coaching since 2009, Andrew is fully committed to this training discipline. As a player and participant in a variety of sports including competitive sailing, rugby, football and martial arts, he enjoys working with people to achieve their goals


Karim El Hlimi

I am a strength and conditioning specialist. As an athlete, I’ve been fully dedi-cated to Crossfit since 2011 and began supervising/coaching/programming for a number of athletes throughout Quebec since 2012. I coach at Crossfit Pro1 and am also part-owner of the box.

Zachary Hébert

I train and coach at Crossfit Pro1 since the big opening in November 2013. Roch’s fresh and innovative ideas quickly drew me in and without hesitation, I joined the Pro1 team.


Amélie Gervais

I enjoy Crossfit so much that last year I quit soccer to fully dedicate myself to this amazing sport. I moved back to Montreal and heard Roch Proteau was opening his own gym. Needless to say, I was onsite on the day of the big opening of Crossfit Pro1.

Mirakim Couvrette

I began practicing Crossfit three years ago. When I heard of Crossfit Pro1, I im-mediately made the switch. I desperately wanted to work with Roch Proteau; I was aware of his expertise, the way he coaches and supports his athletes, as well as the cohesion he creates around Crossfit. I finally found a place where I can grow as an athlete and feel supported.


Michèle Lachance

Crossfit had major repercussions on my lifestyle; I began eating better, viewing my

body differently, and my vision of life completely shifted. In order to get better at Crossfit, I had to fully dedicate myself to the sport. After much sweat, tears, soreness, and self-achievement, Crossfit had become my new way of life.

Jason Simpson

I have been a personal trainer for the past 6 years. I specialize in coaching CrossFit, powerlifting, weightlifting, as well as couching tennis. I plan on going back to university to finish a degree in education to become a high school teacher.


Dominic Trépanier

Crossfit makes me feel alive, it’s a constant challenge and my goal is to perform to the best of my abilities in the hopes of eventually ex-celling in the sport. I look forward to sharing my passion and my knowledge with you!